How do I get started?

Select at least one university / campus from the list, and one element. Then click on START.

Is the data reported here the same as on the individual websites?


Why are some of the CUDO elements included in the university website, but not here? (for example, B1, B3 but not B2.)

Some data elements are not conducive to comparison. Some elements refer to URLs at each university, or give address information about the university. Some elements are the same for each university. For information on these elements, please refer to each university’s website. Click here to go to the CUDO page on the COU website: https://ontariosuniversities.ca/resources/data/cudo

How often will the data be updated?

Typically, CUDO is updated on each university’s website in the fall of each year. Once the data is posted on the individual universities’ websites, the data on this site will be updated.

Where do I find explanatory information regarding each element?

When you select an element, a list of footnotes will be displayed showing the source, a brief explanation of the data, and institution-specific explanations where necessary. These notes should be reviewed carefully before conducting any analysis on the data.

When I select an element / university, the screen says data unavailable. Does that mean there is no data for that element?

The default is the most recent year. Since the latest year available is not the same among all the elements, you might find a message stating data is unavailable. Simply move your cursor over the bar at the top right hand corner until you see data.

I noticed that there is some data not reported for all universities for all elements. Is there something missing from the database?

No. Not all elements are relevant for all universities / campuses. For example, not all universities / campuses participate in all surveys (for example the NSSE survey), some universities do not receive research grants from the federal tri-councils, and some universities do not report class sub-sections.

Why do the University of Toronto and Western University post their campuses separately?

University of Toronto data is reported separately by campus (St. George, Scarborough and Mississauga) plus a total including the 3 campuses.

Western University reports the main campus plus its 3 affiliates (Brescia, Huron and King’s).

Why isn’t there data for each year for each element?

Not every element has data for every year. For example, re F1, the NSSE survey is conducted every 2 years. Also, each element is displayed according to the year that the data represents (for example, in the case of K2 [employment survey] and K2A [graduation rates], the reported year is the year in which the student graduated). Data is published according to the latest data available.  

Why is enrolment (A4, A5) by gender or international enrolment (A7) not reported in fall 2005?

This was the first year we reported CUDO information; enrolment by gender was not included, but is included in all subsequent years.

How were the program categorizations derived, and are they consistently reported among all elements?

The program categorizations were based on the KPI (key performance indicators) groupings as posted by MTCU for K2 and K2A. The enrolment and degrees (Section A) data by program were mapped into these groupings for consistency.

The program categorizations for OUAC elements (B1: Applications/registrants and B3: Average marks) could not be mapped into the KPI groupings.

Some universities used institutional specific program groupings, therefore their data is not comparable to other universities. Please see footnotes for elements B1 and B3.

Why is data not reported every year for NSSE (Elements F1A and F1B)?

The NSSE survey is only conducted every 2 years.

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