B3 – Secondary School Averages of Full-Time, First Year Students

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B3 Secondary School Averages of Full-Time, First Year Students

The following tables show the percentage of full-time, first year students by average range and program, Fall 2020. Averages are based on final grades for Grade 12 university destination courses.

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Table Notes

B3: Secondary School Averages of Full-Time, First Year Students

Source: OUAC (some universities provided their own data. See institutional notes below.)


  1. NOTE: To ensure confidentiality, cell counts less-than or equal-to 5 are suppressed and displayed as "*"
  2. Starting in Fall 2009, the methodology for calculating entering averages changed. Therefore, comparisons should not be made between Fall 2005 to Fall 2008 and Fall 2009 to Fall 2010.
  3. In Fall 2005, the overall averages row was not reported.

 Institution-Specific Notes:

Guelph (up till Fall 2010): Guelph main campus.

Guelph (Fall 2011 to present): Guelph main campus, Guelph Humber and Ridgetown

Carleton (Fall 2005): For information on institution-specific programs (Social Science, Humanities, Other Arts & Science, Computer Science, Physical Sciences), please see Carleton's CUDO web site.

 Lakehead: Includes affiliates/campuses except Fall 2005 where affiliates/campuses were excluded.

 Laurentian: Data include the federated universities (Thorneloe, Huntington, University of Sudbury, and Laurentian University) as well as the collaboration with Georgian College and St-Lawrence College (BBA only), but they exclude Algoma, Hearst, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and collaborations with Sault, Northern, Cambrian, and St-Lawrence College (Nursing program).

Source: Institutional records.

 McMaster: Includes affiliates/campuses. Starting 2016-17, Computer Science and BTech were removed from Engineering and presented under Other Degrees

McMaster (Fall 2009): Source is McMaster University

 Nipissing: Excludes affiliates/campuses except Fall 2005 where affiliates/campuses are included.

Nipissing: Includes affiliates/campuses starting in Fall 2012.

 Ottawa: Includes Saint Paul from 2006 to 2010 and excludes Saint Paul starting in 2011. Starting in 2012, Saint Paul University is reported as a separate university.

 Saint Paul: Source is OUAC and Saint Paul.

 Queen’s: Queen’s data includes Queen’s Theological College. Starting in Fall 2012, Queen’s Theological College was integrated into Queen’s as the School of Religion.

 Ryerson: For information on institution-specific programs (Arts/Humanities/Social Science, Geographic Analysis/Urban Planning, Journalism/Radio & Television Arts, Physical Sciences and Public Health), please see Ryerson's CUDO web site.

 Toronto and all 3 campuses: (1) Education includes Concurrent Education only.

(2) Other Administration includes Management.

(3) Fine and Applied Arts numbers refer to applicants/registrants to the UTM Collaborative Programs with Sheridan College (Art & Art History and Theatre & Drama).  These programs have a specific OUAC code that can be identified as 'Fine & Applied Art'.  Fine & Applied Art programs are also offered on the St. George Campus and UTSC.  Applicants to these campuses apply using the more general 'Humanities' code, which is captured in the Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences category.

(4) Physical Education, Engineering and Music are offered at the St. George campus only.

(5) Journalism is only offered at the Scarborough campus.

Source: OUAC and University of Toronto.

 Toronto Total: Includes 3 campuses (St. George, U of T Mississauga (UTM), and U of T Scarborough (UTSC)).

 Trent: Includes affiliates/campuses.

 Waterloo: Includes affiliates/campuses.

 Western: Excludes affiliated colleges. ‘Other degrees’ include programs in Health Science and Information and Media Studies. ‘Arts’ includes Social Science

 Brescia (Fall 2005): For information on institution-specific programs (Food Science & Nutrition, Kinesiology, Recreation & Physical Education, Other Arts, Other Degree (Health Sciences)), please see Brescia's  CUDO web site.

 King’s (Fall 2005): data not reported.

 WLU: Excludes affiliates.

 York (to Fall 2008): For information on institution-specific programs (Computer Science, Humanities, Kinesiology, Other Arts & Science, Physical Science, Social Science and Undeclared), please see York's CUDO web site.

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