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University Revenue and Expenses

I1 University Revenue

Revenue for the Fiscal Year Ended 2020 ($000s)

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Table Notes

I1 and I2: University Revenue and Expense

Source: COU. COFO-UO Financial Report


  1. COFO data is updated annually in January/February, so the data presented here is not necessarily the latest data available. For the most recent COFO data please go to http://cou.on.ca/cofo
  2. See universities’ CUDO site for URL links to universities’ financial statements.

 Institution-Specific Notes:

Carleton: Dominicain University College data is not included.

 Guelph: Miscellaneous Revenue includes the University of Guelph’s 50% share of the net operating results of the University of Guelph-Humber joint venture, accounted for using the equity method. Grant Revenue and Tuition Fees do not include any amounts pertaining to University of Guelph-Humber students.

 Laurentian: Laurentian University only. Data exclude the federated universities (Thorneloe, Huntington, and University of Sudbury), Algoma, Hearst, and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

 McMaster: Includes affiliates.

 Nipissing: Use the following URL links to view Nipissing University’s financial statements:


 Ottawa: The sponsored research funds from affiliated hospitals and research institutes are included in the "Entities Not Consolidated" column.

 Queen’s: Queen’s data includes Queen’s Theological College. Starting in Fall 2012, Queen’s Theological College was integrated with Queen’s as the School of Religion.

 Toronto Total: (1) Includes affiliates.

(2) Data is available at the institutional level only.

 Waterloo: Does not include affiliated institutions, but includes other campuses.

 Western: Excludes affiliated colleges.

 King’s (2004-05): data not reported.

 WLU: COFO data includes affiliates. Copy of the university's financial statements for the fiscal year ended APril 30, 2015 can be found at: https://legacy.wlu.ca/documents/62527/2015-04-30_Wilfrid_Laurier_University_PBC_FS_Word.pdf


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