B1 - Applicants and Registrants by Program


ProgramAttended an Ontario Secondary School in the previous yearAll Others (Non-Secondary School)Total
Arts/Humanities/Social Science   
Total applicants (first choice)18404812321
Total registrants (first choice)10761721248
Total applications (all choices)9461144810909
Total registrants (all choices)20562622318
Total applicants (first choice)24477321
Total registrants (first choice)9611107
Total applications (all choices)25963352931
Total registrants (all choices)35118369
Commerce/Mgmt/Business Admin   
Total applicants (first choice)13092651574
Total registrants (first choice)58763650
Total applications (all choices)64199407359
Total registrants (all choices)1142961238
Phys/Health Ed/Recreation   
Total applicants (first choice)31029339
Total registrants (first choice)91091
Total applications (all choices)13821331515
Total registrants (all choices)1623165
Total applicants (first choice)11256168
Total registrants (first choice)481361
Total applications (all choices)417107524
Total registrants (all choices)701686
Diploma Program   
Total applicants (first choice)02323
Total registrants (first choice)000
Total applications (all choices)03939
Total registrants (all choices)000